By Malcolm Boyes
26th December 2018
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At the half-way stage of the season, our Chairman shares his views with you.

Recent events.
The last few games have seen the Crows First Team endure a difficult set of fixtures, which have resulted in a few successive losses. The Crowborough First Team is still under the construction phase and the squad is full of young and talented footballers. Although the last few games have produced goal fests, so why we might not have won, we have entertained those watching.

Sheppey United etc.
The Sheppey encounter was a tremendous advertisement for Step 5 football, one that any neutral supporters would have appreciated, although more than a Crowborough one would have done, with the Crows missing out by the odd goal in a seven goal thriller.
The AFC Croydon Athletic away game saw the spoils shared as well as the six goals in a 3-3 draw. Whilst it is always disappointing to surrender a three goal lead, we must remember that this type of event happens with a young side. I spoke with Muggsie after the game and we were both in agreement that before the game we would have taken a point. So with one’s glass half full, mission accomplished!
We then faced second placed Beckenham Town at home and lost out in a five goal thriller, 3-2, and it was fair to say that Lady Luck was not on our side during this game but that’s the type of thing you have to deal with when on a disappointing run of results.
Fisher away was next on their 3G pitch and we came away with a 6-0 defeat on our hands. The home side deserved the win but perhaps the final result was a bit harsh on our lads.
The recent away visit to Punjab United FC was probably the most disappointing result over recent weeks but the result was heavily influenced by the match day officials. I don’t like to criticise Observers, Referees or Assistants Referees but having taken in the odd game in my time, the performance of the referee and his assistants during this game was, let us say, interesting. I do fully understand the need to ensure that the officials are performing correctly but in some cases, not all, the very presence of an Observer seems to turn a competent referee into a nervous wreck, which then impacts on their judgement. Perhaps anonymity should prevail until after games.

Sean and the Management Team are obviously focused on the current season but plans are afoot beyond the immediate campaign with one eye firmly on next season.

Town Council.
The situation with Crowborough Town Council continues to rumble on with regard to our use of the Clubhouse. This is particularly frustrating, as much of what we would like to do whether this be Music Nights, Club Fund Raisers or as a Party Venue, all centres around the Clubhouse. We are now waiting on the Council’s Solicitors to review the Fields in Trust Lease which is the latest obstacle being used by the Town Council. We were hoping to get this resolved quickly as I am keen to rebuild the Clubs balance sheet. Independently the Executive Committee have contacted Fields in Trust and their view on usage supports that of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be chasing up Crowborough Town Council about this matter in the New Year.

Another area which is unresolved is the situation with the Benefactor for the last two seasons, whom we are still in contact with. According to my calculations the Club is owed a significant amount of money based upon the commitments made. As to whether we get any of the monies outstanding I really am unsure. However, it would be wrong of the Executive Committee and I to give up on this issue and we will continue to pursue until such times as we see the situation as completely closed, one way or the other.

We also need to present last years accounts to the membership. Being a member of this great Club gives people the opportunity to influence how the Club is run. I would be implore interested parties to ensure that their memberships are up to date ahead of the eagerly awaited AGM.

Weather permitting we host our noisy neighbours on Saturday, 29th December 2018. The Tunbridge Wells games are always full blooded derbies so don’t miss this one. I am sure everyone will be champing at the bit to escape the turkey and mince pies by then, so what better way to blow away the Christmas cobwebs!

Next time.
My next message on the Website will focus more on the excellent work going on within the Junior Section. We should never under estimate the importance of a strong and vibrant Junior Section and I am delighted at the strength that we have in this area.

New Year.
On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to wish you and your families a very happy and prosperous 2019.

Clive Maynard,
Chairman - Crowborough Athletic FC.

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